Intel Due Core Processor

gbelanger ulist at
Sun Jun 4 06:34:12 UTC 2006

lnxlvr Wrote: 
> Thanks to all for suggesting ways to configure ubuntu to detect both the
> cpu's.Right now it's detecting only one.I'm running ubuntu as a live cd,
> I'll install it and then install the 686 kernel too.Thanks again for the
> help.


> LnxLvr

I went through these steps (Installing a 686 kernel which is SMP) and
am still seeing a single CPU (EIther through the /proc/cpuinfo, the
system monitor or through top).

I'm really curious why that is the case. Someone on the net who has the
same laptop (Sony Vaio SZ110, I have a SZ160) can see both cores.

Any ideas? I dont think the OS is actually using both cores, so its
fairly frustrating.

Thanks -



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