easyubuntu: so close, and yet so far...

David Armour d.f.armour at shaw.ca
Sun Jun 4 06:03:01 UTC 2006

hello lorin,

>> i need some help translating the error/info message the easyubuntu 
>> install script is throwing up. i've tried using the script as is, but 
>> didn't seem to get any of the claimed benefits, or any obvious error 
>> or info pages. next, i tried installing stuff in passes.
>> 1st pass: multimedia tab:     codecs
>>                                                binary codecs
>>                                                ibdvdcss
>>                                                midi
>>                system tab:            repository lists
>>                                                fonts
>> 2nd pass: web tab:            videos
>>                                            skype
>>                                            openwengo
>> 3rd pass: web tab:            flashplugins
>>                                            java
> I didn't get the benefits, either.  Easyubuntu locked up the first 
> time I ran it (multimedia tab), and wouldn't run again.  Had to 
> download it again to try the system tab.  It did manage the repos for me.
> I gave up on easyubuntu, and went back to synaptic.  The packages that 
> easyubuntu was supposed to have installed for multimedia were listed, 
> and when I marked them for install they were already on the system.  
> Synaptic didn't download anything, but installed the packages.  So, 
> you might check synaptic, and see if the packages you want are there.

thank you for your reply. yes, it does help, if only to know that i'm 
not going crazy, or at least not at an appreciably greater rate than 
usual. i'm curious about all the posters on the easyubuntu forum who 
claim the script ran flawlessly, or words to that effect?

you're right, too, about synaptic. at this point, everything that 
easyubuntu offers to install, at least on this box, and except for java, 
is installed. any tips on installing java? i think i got through most of 
the sun java install (on freebsd5.3b4) a while back, now. i know it's 
non-trivial, which is why having a script offer to manage some of the 
pain appeals as much as it does.

i'd still like to get some clue about what the error means in pythonese.

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