searching list was Re: starterguide

Thiers Botelho thiersb at
Sun Jun 4 04:43:51 UTC 2006

On 6/3/06, Russell Davie <rjrd at> wrote:

> I don't get a search function for the Ubuntu-Users lists.

> Or any of the lists here:

> There is no "search" box, so it's not possible to do a simple search let alone a boolean search.
> 1)  the lists are only accessible one month at a time
> 2) or one has to download the gziped monthly archives or the entire archive! <groaning and gnashing teeth>
> Its a big time wasting challenge to search these lists with the lack "search boxes", so in the end, Google is a quicker solution.
> Unless someone can set me straight on this?
> - R

I know ot two sites where you can search the content of mailing lists.

1. (but no ubuntu lists are archived in
there, so in this particular case it will be of little help).

2. (where ubuntu lists ARE featured). I can
search the ubuntu-users list there with more options than in the
original archives, providing "gmane.linux.ubuntu.user" as the group
designation. It works !



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