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Andy Anderson opus at
Sun Jun 4 03:48:29 UTC 2006

Thiers Botelho wrote:

> Since you have Windoze as well, I'd think the best place for Grub
> would be /boot and not the MBR. At least that was the prevalent
> recommendation a while ago on Fedora site and lists.
> The main reason for this would be, that any future reinstall of
> Windoze would not clobber your Grub configuration.
> I suppose you have considered this option and preferred not to use it
> - any thoughts on this ?

I always make a backup of the /boot partition before doing anything,
so I have that safe.  It's pretty easy to boot off either an Ubuntu
live CD or a floppy that has grub installed in it's boot record (I keep
one around for emergencies).  Of course, many PCs these days,
particularly notebooks, no longer have floppies...

> Thanks again, Andy. Very clear and very helpful.

You are very welcome.  It's nice to be part of a community of helpful,
sharing folks.

Take care.

Andy Anderson 
Salisbury, MD, USA

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