adept = inept (dapper)

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Sat Jun 3 22:26:59 UTC 2006

On 06/06/03 17:14 (GMT-0400) Derek Broughton apparently typed:

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> I did apt-get dist-upgrade from breezy, which failed to install a new
>> kernel. Because I couldn't find the magic incantations to get apt-get to
>> find and install a newer kernel, I opened adept to look for a new
>> kernel, and to see what packages are currently installed for potential
>> removal. Couldn't find any way to do either one. Found and installed
>> synaptic with adept. Used synaptic to find new kernel, and install the
>> missing firefox and open office. Adept = inept.

> I don't use Adept.  I don't find it particularly 'ept', either (fwiw,
> synaptic is no better), but I just opened up Adept, entered 'kernel' into
> the search box, and voila - linux-image... showed (amongst many other
> choices, but just as many as you'd have got searching in Synaptic).  It's
> slightly different from synaptic, but certainly not worse.

My adept version must be different from yours, because it couldn't find
anything using kernel as a search term. There's nothing I could find to
get it to show me anything whatsoever about currently installed
software, a limitation not possessed by synaptic.
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