Different Network-Profiles

Tobias Baldauf robin.goodfellow at gmx.net
Sat Jun 3 13:21:35 UTC 2006


I'm currently experiencing the problem that I have to work on several
different places - all with different ethernet settings. Sometimes it's
dhcp, sometimes manual configurations. I'd like to have some sort of
list which network-profile to use and just select the appropriate one
(Right now I'm still on the road with some notepaper full if IPs &
I have tried to use the so-called 'Network-Profiles' in KDE (Using
Kubuntu) but the thing just does not unfolds itself to me ... I can do
something like name a profile ... and then? It doesn't seem that loading
a profile changes anything at all... So how do I use this tool?
Or is there another tool that supplies me with the functions I need?



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