sudo and timestamp

ubuntu at ubuntu at
Fri Jun 2 19:44:06 UTC 2006

I installed Ubuntu on my laptop today, and at one point the clock on it
got severely off by about three hours into the future.  No big deal
normally, this sort of things happens to my laptop sometimes, ntp fixes it.

However, now there's a problem.  I can't run sudo.

"sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Jun  2 17:22:11 2006"

Does this mean that Ubuntu will prevent me from doing any configuration
on my laptop for the next hour and a half?  (And, is it just me, or is
this a supremely bad design decision?)

I'd move back to the, imho, more sane su system, but I can't do that,
either, since I'd need sudo to set the root password...

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