Hylafax - how to use without password

Karl Auer kauer at biplane.com.au
Fri Jun 2 16:02:01 UTC 2006

I want to use a hylafax client  without having to provide a password.
I've been trying with sendfax.

Is it actually possible to use sendfax without having to supply a

To be specific, this is what I see after I've used faxadduser to add my
username and a password to hfaxd.conf:

   kauer at karl:~$ sendfax -n -d +99-99-9999999 testfax.ps
   request id is 1 (group id 1) for host localhost (1 file)

... that is, I have to type in a password.

What I want to see is:

   kauer at karl:~$ sendfax -n -d +99-99-9999999 testfax.ps
   request id is 1 (group id 1) for host localhost (1 file)

I have set FAXUSER to "faxuser" (and set it to empty, and unset it) and
tried the following lines (and many, many other variations)  in
hfaxd.conf with no success:


That last one works with telnet, but not with sendfax (in a telnet
session to the server, if I say "user faxuser" it says "logged in"
without asking for a password). But if I use sendfax, I am still asked
for a password.

Regards, K.

Karl Auer (kauer at biplane.com.au)                   +61-2-64957160 (w/h)
http://www.biplane.com.au/~kauer/                  +61-428-957160 (mob)

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