Intel Due Core Processor

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Fri Jun 2 13:11:38 UTC 2006

On 06/02/2006 01:17 AM, * Vincent Trouilliez spake thusly:
> On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 00:23 -0700, Scott wrote:
>> On 06/01/2006 07:25 PM, * lnxlvr spake thusly:
>>> I'm having the dell E1505 with dual core processor and i've downloaded
>>> ubuntu 6.06 and it's running fine. How do I know that it detected my
>>> dual core processor? Is there any command or utility that will show
>>> graphically or in text mode my cpu's and the usage on each cpu?
>> If I'm not mistaken it wouldn't be running at all if it hadn't detected
>> your processor.....
> Depends. He mentions having a dual core CPU. It could well be that it's
> running on only one core and the other isn't being used. I think he was
> asking for a way to check that both cores are being used, and if not,
> how to get there.

Keeping in mind I know very little about the intricacies of CPUs, I'd
assumed both both cores worked simultaneously by design.  Whereas a
computer with honest-to-god dual processors ccould very possibly have
one of them not detected/working.

>I think if I had forked out the cash for a dual core
> CPU like he did, I would probably be asking myself the very same
> question to make sure I didn't waste money ! ;o)

In your cases, I would too. :-)

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