sudo, Su Dapper & why can't I do this?

Swamp Yankee swampyankee at
Thu Jun 1 23:16:26 UTC 2006

I'm trying to install my wireless drivers using ndiswrapper.  I've copied
the files I need to a the driver directory in my home directory.  I want to
install the drivers so I type:
Sudo ndiswrapper -I ~/drivers/drivername.inf
I get prompted for the password, I put in my password, it tries to complete
and ges an error saying failed at line 153 or something.  The point of this
is to copy the drivers to /etc/ndiswrapper/.  It didn't work so I tried to
copy through the GUI, but of course I don't have permissions to that
directory, nor can I log in with SU because Dapper does not allow SU.  How
can I get this done?

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