Thiers Botelho thiersb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 21:28:04 UTC 2006

On 6/1/06, Dave Scott <DaveScott at columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> I just did a fresh install of Dapper-Desktop from today's release and
> I'm using VMWare. When the partitioner got to the point of telling me
> how much space was available for the install, it claimed that the
> virtual disk was 20 GB. At the time I had far less than 20 GB free.
> After deleting a number of unused files, the free space went to 25 GB
> and I proceeded with the install. Once it was finished and I shut down
> the virtual machine, the size of the vmdk file was just over 2 GB, not
> 20 GB.
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> David E. Scott              614-457-1037

VMWare's physical files occupy only what's required for actual data.
The remaining free space in a VM's file system is also "virtual" . . .
And the physical files (on host system) grow inasmuch you add real
data to the VM.

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