Adivce on Partitions

Ylan Segal ylan.segal at
Thu Jun 1 21:11:53 UTC 2006

Andy Anderson wrote:
> Ylan Segal wrote:
>> My current thinking is that I want to create one partition for /home,
>> one partition for my music files (/media ?), an appropriate swap
>> partition and the rest of the drive as /.
>> Questions:
>> - Is my partitioning scheme rational? I just want to be able to
>> reinstall the system in the future without that much hassle.
> Other than that I *think* /media is a standard Ubuntu directory, your
> scheme sounds rational to me.  However, since you mention that a low
> hassle reinstall is one of your goals, I'll share my approach.

As someone else pointed out, it is a standard directory, so I won't use it.

> Given sufficient disk space, here is how I partition my systems (yes,
> I keep WinXP around for when I want to use it):

Disk space I have, but that scheme is probably a little too much for me :)

> /dev/hda1    20 Gb    ntfs    /WinXP
> /dev/hda2    30 Gb    fat32    /Common
> /dev/hda3     2 Gb    ext3    /boot
> /dev/hda4    rest of drive in extended partition
> /dev/hda5     8 Gb    ext3    /
> /dev/hda6     4 Gb    ext3    /var
> /dev/hda7     8 Gb    ext3    alternate / for later
> /dev/hda8     4 Gb    ext3    alternate /var for later
> /dev/hda9     n Mb    swap    n=2*ram, but never more than 1536 Mb
> /dev/hda10     m Gb    ext3    /home, where m=rest of the disk

> I'd probably use /music.

That is a good possibility too.

> Hope this helps.

It does, thank you.


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