Differences between desktop/server/alternative CDs?

Mike Smith mikeosmith at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 19:56:39 UTC 2006

> Desktop CD: this is the live'n'install CD with the new whizzy graphical
> installer, presumably intended as the new default test/install option
> for modern computers that can handle it?

> Server CD: is this literally *only* for server installs, or can a full X
> user environment be installed from it as well? Is it a textual or
> graphical installer? Most importantly, how much memory does it require?
This install is similar to Alternative (textual), but actually
installs less, no MTA if I remember correctly. I would expect the
memory requirements (for install) to be less than the Alternative
install. It uses the same repos as the others, so you could sudo
apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. I *think* it also installs a 686
kernel (for x86 arch) rather than the 386.

> Alternative [1] CD: as well as more unusual boot options, this appears
> to be the sole option for a lower-memory install (or is the Server CD
> applicable for this as well?). I'm presuming this has the 'traditional'
> textual installer?
This is still my preferred method to install. I just like the text
based install. This is how I installed Warty/Hoary/Breezy.

> (I ask, because I'd like to download just one CD 'in case of emergency'
> which would be suitable for both my contemporary main machine and backup
> older machine (128 MB RAM), just in case a reinstall is ever needed,
> although both are usually dist-upgraded via the internet)
I'd just grab the Alternative, but that's a preference.


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