Looking for menu engine

Florian Diesch diesch at spamfence.net
Thu Jun 1 13:32:17 UTC 2006

Marcel Krause <marcel_k at web.de> wrote:

> I'm writing some script and want to replace its command line with a
> menu for enhanced compatibility with modern computer users. I found
> "pdmenu" and it is very nice, except that it can't display colons in
> its menu titles, so I cannot make my options menu in the
> "option: current value" style. This is because its menu description
> language uses the colon to separate the commands and their parameters.
> Do you know another cool menu engine? Is the one that lers me pick
> my language in the Ubuntu Installer easy to use? I'd like to give
> the menu engine a text file with the menu items and then it runs an
> application associated with the selected item.
> Bonus if I can make it exit when running the app, like using the exec()
> syscall. (RAM is critical on some of the target devices.)
> Extra bonus if instead of running an app it quits with an exit code
> that identifies the selected item.

dialog is IMHO pretty nice, powerful and easy to use.

,----[ pkgdesc dialog ]
| Package: dialog
| Description: Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
|  This application provides a method of displaying several different types
|  of dialog boxes from shell scripts.  This allows a developer of a script
|  to interact with the user in a much friendlier manner.
|  .
|  The following types of boxes are at your disposal:
|   yes/no           Typical query style box with "Yes" and "No" answer buttons
|   menu             A scrolling list of menu choices with single entry selection
|   input            Query style box with text entry field
|   message          Similar to the yes/no box, but with only an "Ok" button
|   text             A scrollable text box that works like a simple file viewer
|   info             A message display that allows asynchronous script execution
|   checklist        Similar to the menu box, but allowing multiple selections
|   radiolist        Checklist style box allowing single selections
|   gauge            Typical "progress report" style box
|   tail             Allows viewing the end of files (tail) that auto updates
|   background tail  Similar to tail but runs in the background.


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