Bugs in Dapper, should stick with Breezy ?

Thiers Botelho thiersb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 02:56:15 UTC 2006

On 5/31/06, Matthew Kuiken <matt.kuiken at verizon.net> wrote:
> Thiers Botelho wrote:
> > <snip>
> > Is my reasoning reasonable ? I'd appreciate any comments on my plans,
> > thnx everybody.
> >
> Just want to throw in my $0.02.

I found your comments much more valuable than that !

> I have a laptop that now hibernates reliably, auto-sets my display
> resolution properly, and runs my wireless cards flawlessly without
> having to figure out the guts of my OS.

Very nice to know. BTW, which laptop is yours ? Could there be any
change on mileage when comparing to a Dell laptop ?

> I know how to fix all of these
> things, but the main reason I know is because I tried Breezy first.

Now let's see: you fixed this stuff on Breezy. But did you:
   - have to re-fix any of them on Dapper ?
   - or did you found that your fixes remained untouched after upgrading ?
   - or did you do a clean install of Dapper with or without re-fixing ?

> I installed Dapper for the first time at flight 3, and haven't looked
> back.  Personally, despite the bugs, and Dapper being a development
> branch, it still had less problems than running Breezy.

You didn't say if your Breezy install (plus bugs plus fixes) happened
with a freshly released Breezy. I mean, considering the updates
available for Breezy right now, could you say if the same bugs you
found still remain there ?

> Just because Dapper currently has more open bugs does not mean that the
> open bugs will necessarily effect you.  Also, given the numbers that you
> quoted above, you must be talking about the bugs on the distro itself.
> Each package has a list of bugs, and the list is much more impressive if
> you look at each thing you use individually.

Well, I didn't check that. And it sounds like a loooong research work . . .

> Also, there are several things in Breezy that are not considered bugs
> that will keep you from using your laptop.  In particular, wireless
> networking, while it can be made to work in Breezy, has received much
> needed feature additions that make it useful in Dapper.

Should I understand - "wireless is still troublesome in Breezy" ?

> My advice:  Install Dapper first.  If it works, great.

I'm almost convinced. Might try it. And . . .

> If it doesn't,
> go back and install Breezy until the bugs with your uses get worked
> out.

Or maybe add to Dapper a dual-boot with Breezy, keeping a common /home
partition, while gradually ironing out Dapper's bugs and Breezy
non-features. Makes sense to you ?

> On average, I think Dapper bugs are less fatal to laptops than the
> features that never made it into Breezy.
> Good luck,
> -Matt

Thnks a lot !


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