OT: Cleaning a FILTHY Computer

Roberto Robles roberto at rrobles.com
Tue Jan 31 22:30:44 UTC 2006

Great to have all your suggestions in practice to cleanup a filthy PC,
But bear in mind that a molecule of dust can cause a memory chip to fail,
So a new 1 inch paint brush is also good to remove the dust spots built
in humid weather, together with the air spray.
Now, would't it be better to avoid the filth...??? Here some tips..
1.- Cover removed PCI Cards slots metal Straps, with electric tape
    To prevent dust from entering the pc.
2.- Put a thin layer of air conditioning filter material in the fans
    Inputs, because fans sucks dust from the outside into the PC.
3.- Keep your PC away from doors or windows, away from outdoors exposure
    specially if you live in a dusty neighborhood 
4.- Install your case fan if a place is available.

Roberto Robles

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Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> Carroll, I've always used my vacuum cleaner, holding the opening with my 
> hand so that the metals never touches each other - it'd need to be a 
> fair punch to go through my fingers wouldn't it. I also always unplug 
> everything (especially the monitor).
> Am I being very foolish doing it this way?
> Duncan

Possibly, although I have to admit that the last time I cleaned out this 
PC, I stole^H^H^H^H^H borrowed my wife's Dust Buster (one of those 
handheld battery powered hoseless units) to get the bigger pieces of 
filth. Idiot that I am, I forgot to empty the bag when I was done. 
SheThatIs was not pleased.
-- cmg

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