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Tue Jan 31 11:47:36 UTC 2006

On Monday 30 Jan 2006 20:28, Phillip Susi wrote:

> I prefer to use the standard s/mime format for email signing and
> encrypting with x.509 digital certificates.  Gpg seems kludgey to me.

Maybe a bit OT, but S/MIME (which I wouldn't call standard....) is much 
less secure than the algorithms used in GPG and can be broken 
relatively easily.  However, for most purposes its adequate providing 
you haven't got sensitive stuff being encrypted.

Probably an exaggeration, but don't forget the US Secret Service once 
said that if all the personal computers in the world were set to crack 
one PGP encrypted message, it would taken ten times the age of the 
universe to crack it.  The algorithms used in later versions of PGP and 
now GPG are much more secure, and I'd rather use just one system for my 
encryption and signing that works.

However, the OP was asking about GPGME, which is a library that allows 
the integration of GPG into a package that doesn't yet support it.

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