AMD Dual Core CPU's

Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at
Tue Jan 31 08:02:32 UTC 2006

Sasha Tsykin wrote:

> the majority of processes are handled by the cpu,
> but the graphics is usually the point where the computer
> can't cope. For example, my friend has an old p4 cpu from
> 2 years ago with only 2Ghz

Well, who do I believe.. my own experience as a developer of over 20
years.. industry experts such as David Blythe, Microsoft's software
architect for Windows Graphics & Gaming Technologies... or you and
your friend's limited experience on an old system?

David Blythe, in his presentation at July's DirectX Meltdown 2005
conference (, flatly stated that "games are

I'm moderate and co-own the X-Plane Development mailing list (see for the software). I know Austin (the guy who writes
X-Plane) for almost a decade now. He on numerous occassions stated in
technical discussions we had that CPU is the major limiting factor. In
fact, in recent releases he switched to a multi-thread model in the
core simulator engine to address this and support platforms that have
the CPU capacity for it.

>> What did you not understand Sasha? I clearly stated that even
>> threaded games are using a multi-threaded model when running on
>> DirectX.
> most aren't. You're not correct.

Bs! Please show me a -single- game on the Windows market today that
does not use DirectX.

And the processing model used by DirectX is not unique to Windows. On
all other platforms too there are things that a game does not have the
time to wait on. Like making calls to play sound. Reading textures
into the game cache. Making a network call during multiplay.

These are all async calls. Which means the calls are serviced by
system/kernel based processes. At the same time as the game continues

> if cpu requirements go up, that does not mean that extra capacity,
as you put
> it will help.

More bs. Or are you telling me that my 12 node Linux/Sun cluster is
not about CPU capacity meeting increase CPU requirements?

> Extra speed will. Lower latencies will. A non-integrated sound card
> will (lower cpu utilization). An extra core will not because this is

> not mutithreaded.

You are confusing ASIC's with multi-threading (a software model) with
the dual CPU capabilities.

> no at all. It is usually a bottleneck, just not the most important

Please tell that to the developers of today's game and that they have
it all wrong.

> I'm neither confusing nor confused.

Ignorant then? Or simply having an opinion on everything?

> Starting with a manners breach is silly though, and does nothing for
you argument.

When it looks like bs and smells like bs.. I call it bs.  But then
that is just me...


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