[dapper] Memory and CPU usage

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 05:20:41 UTC 2006

I've checked both ksysguard and the gnome system monitor. When running 
side by side, they give different results. They show the same 
application using radically different amounts of memory (eg. 
gnome-system monitor shows mozilla-thunderbird-bin using 62.7MiB but 
ksysguard shows it using ~265MiB). Also, ksysguard which is the only one 
of the two which reports CPU utilization reports almost all my 
applications using 0% of my CPU. These glitches are bizarre and it's 
quite important for me to know how my system is performing in 
quantitative terms, which is impossible because of the glitches outlined 
above. The only time they agree is when some application starts to go 
rogue and use 100% of my CPU for no apparent reason. Even then they 
don't agree on the amount of memory it is using, and the CPU utilization 
ranges from 5% to 10% in ksysguard. I know that application is causing 
the problem because the moment I kill it the problem goes away. This is 
a major issue. I would like to know which one I should trust (if either) 
and if possible, how to fix the problem.


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