OT: Cleaning a FILTHY Computer

Carroll Grigsby cgrigs at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 31 02:24:33 UTC 2006

Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> Carroll, I've always used my vacuum cleaner, holding the opening with my 
> hand so that the metals never touches each other - it'd need to be a 
> fair punch to go through my fingers wouldn't it. I also always unplug 
> everything (especially the monitor).
> Am I being very foolish doing it this way?
> Duncan

Possibly, although I have to admit that the last time I cleaned out this 
PC, I stole^H^H^H^H^H borrowed my wife's Dust Buster (one of those 
handheld battery powered hoseless units) to get the bigger pieces of 
filth. Idiot that I am, I forgot to empty the bag when I was done. 
SheThatIs was not pleased.
-- cmg

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