Triple-boot? -- XP Pro/ubuntu [or kubuntu]/Mandriva

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You can install without a bootloader, you just need some free space on the

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On Monday 30 January 2006 15:45, Olaf Stein wrote:
OS> If, when getting to the bootloader config, you see that not all your 
OS> OS`s are in the list, do not install the bootloader. That at least 
OS> will not
OS> up the other OS`s.
OS> Then boot into madriva and add your ubuntu system to the existing 
OS> list in lilo.conf You need to remember the partition /dev/had* most 
OS> likely

Oh, so I can simply do an install *without* the bootloader at all (which
would leave [k]ubuntu temporarily nonbootable, but present in its bright,
shiny new partitions, and could simply then make it bootable by later
booting into Mandriva (where I can at least get around and edit configs,
when necessary), make the changes, and then reboot and find all 3 OS'es
available for boot options?

If so, I'm encouraged.

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