Triple-boot? -- XP Pro/ubuntu [or kubuntu]/Mandriva

Chuck Mattsen mattsen at
Mon Jan 30 18:22:05 UTC 2006

On Monday 30 January 2006 11:52, john levin wrote:
jl> Just boot from the Ubuntu install cd, taking care to read the screen 
jl> when it comes to partitioning. There should be a 'use empty space' 
jl> option, and that's where Ubuntu will install itself. I believe it will 
jl> also spot and use the swap partition (as swap, natch), and should detect 
jl> the Mandriva install, although I can't vouch for that. It'll certainly 
jl> find the WinXP partition. (The only time I have had two linux installs 
jl> on one drive was dual booting dapper and breezy.)

I guess the main question here is:  If it becomes apparent at that point 
(partitioning) that Ubuntu is going to make a change that I don't approve of, 
can one still easily back out then and no damage done?  Or have any 
potentially annoying changes taken place already at that point?  I'm assuming 
the prior, but not having Ubuntu/Kubuntu experience beyond playing with the 
LiveCDs, thought I'd better doublecheck.

jl> You may want the two linuxes to share the home partition, although 9.7gb 
jl> is more than enough for ubuntu with kde and lots more besides, if you do 
jl> that.

Well, ultimately, I want to wipe the Mandriva install, once I have 
successfully migrated my main apps and data to Ubuntu/Kubuntu.  In the 
interim, though, would there not be potential conflicts having two active 
distros sharing the same /home data? 


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