Telnet server need info for setup

Zach uid000 at
Mon Jan 30 18:13:31 UTC 2006

The package responsible for the telnet server is called telnetd.  I
assume this is in the main repository--not sure.

as root(sudo):apt-get install telnetd

There shouldn't be any additional setup required.

However the advice of others really is sound--don't use telnet.  Use ssh.

To install the ssh server
as root(sudo):apt-get install openssh-server

There is no additional setup required for openssh.  It automatically
authenticates with the usernames/passwords already on your system.  In
addition, with no additional configuration, it automatically provides
a secure replace ment for ftp, and for remote copy.
Here's a great article to get you started:
And some slightly more advance stuff:

On 1/30/06, Johnny <linuxhamuser at> wrote:
> Hi
> I am interested in setting up telnet server where do I find the
> infomation that I am needing. I am just wanting to experiment with
> setting one up.
> Johnny
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