bash script using dialog

Thomas Beckett thomas.beckett at
Mon Jan 30 16:52:08 UTC 2006

I have created a script that I use when installing on new machines
that automatically copy over settings files from CD to their correct
place. This is done using dialog. I now want the script to show the
output of a compilation. I have tried:

 dialog --backtitle "Compiling klips program" --tailbox $OUTPUT 15 45
cd /tmp/openswan* ; make programs >> $OUTPUT

where $OUTPUT is a previously created file.

The dialog does show with the box to show the text but nothing is
displayed. This is presumably because it waits for the user to exit
before actually starting the compilling in the second command. I then
tried with --tailboxbg thinking that this will background the process
and start the compilation, then showing the text in the box but all I
get is the blue background of dialog and no text box at all.

Does anyone know if I am going about this in the correct way or if
there is any other way to show the output of the compiling using
dialog. All the rest of the script is done in dialog so I dont really
want to drop the user back to the terminal to do the compiling.

Many thanks for any help


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