Synaptics Touchpad problems

C Hamel yogich at
Mon Jan 30 09:37:15 UTC 2006

Breezy is installed and seems to work fairly well on the Pavilion ze5570us 
notebook --all except for the Synaptics touchpad driver (and a minor problem 
w/ppp which I'll ask about later) in the fact that it often takes several 
taps on the touchpad before anything happens.  When I used to use SuSE I was 
told to change the driver, after which it worked fine.  Gentoo, also, worked 
fine w/the 'mouse' driver.  I have tried that just once w/Breezy by manually 
editing the xorg.conf file and kdm would not execute unless & until I 
reinstated the original driver.

I have looked for the equivelent to G's xorgconfig and have not found it.  
Suggestions or known remedies are welcome.

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