Why is xorg ignoring the frequencies I give it?

Andy Grove andy.grove at codefutures.com
Thu Jan 26 10:32:43 UTC 2006


Thanks for that. 

I ran the reconfigure again and took the default settings then restarted

I have attached the xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log files.

This time my monitor reported "Out Of Range (87.3KHz / 69Hz)". 

Many thanks,


P.S. The machine previously had Mandrake v10 installed and that worked ok
with this monitor so I'm hoping this is just a case of getting the right
parameters in the config file.

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Hi Andy,

Please send a copy of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log
That should make it easy to assist you.


On 1/26/06, Andy Grove <andy.grove at codefutures.com> wrote:
> I asked a vague question yet about getting ubuntu to work with my monitor
> and got no replies - probably because I didn't give enough detail for
> to help. Here is a more specific version of the question.
> I have installed ubuntu 5.10 on a Dell PowerEdge SC 420 machine with a
> SDM-S204 20" LCD monitor. On boot up the monitor gave me a frequency out
> range message.
> I ran the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg command and it seems to
> recognize everything ok and set the correct frequencies (28-92KHz
> horizontal, 48-85Hz vertical) but on restarting xorg the monitor again
> me that the frequency is out of range (70.5 KHz / 87Hz).
> So basically, xorg appears to be completely ignoring the HorizSync and
> VertRefresh settings in the xorg.conf file.
> Does anyone have any advice on getting around this problem?
> Many thanks,
> Andy.
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