Network Problems

Ryan Thompson ryanthompson at
Mon Jan 30 04:09:34 UTC 2006

> Open up a terminal and type:
> ifconfig
> Do you get an IP address for your wireless card? It might be listed as 
> wlan0, eth1 anything but lo, eth0.

I get the IP address for my Laptop, but that's not the problem.  The
problem is when I start Linux, it no longer connects automatically.  I
have to connect manually.
> > Opening folders on another computer or local folders that are shared out 
> to the network? What OS is the share you are connecting to?
I am connecting from My laptop (Linux) to my Desktop (windows).  It asks
me for a user name and Password which doesn't exist on the desktop to
view files.  The strange part is if I hit cancel it lets me see the
files I want to.  It just pops up with the password prompt every time i
hit cancel.
> Alex

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