cd burner for enhanced cds

Peter Lieverdink ubuntu at
Mon Jan 30 03:09:53 UTC 2006

Adam Lafayette wrote:
> Anyone no of some cd burning software for gnu/linux
> that will make enhanced cds.
> Enhanced cds are regular audio cds that also have a
> data section.  This is different than a mixed mode cd.
> I used it for cds for my band.  We burn our music to
> enhanced cd so it can be played on most standard cd
> players and also the mp3s versions of the songs  can
> be accessed from a computer.
> I'm sure nero could do this if I got the linux version
> but I'm looking for something you don't have to pay for.

I'm sure k3b can do this fairly easily.

There should be a way to do it via mkisofs/cdrecord... probably you burn 
the audio tracks without fixating, then add a data session.

Hmmyes, 'man mkisofs' says:

"If the -C option is used without the -M option, mkisofs will create a 
filesystem image that is intended to be used for a second session on a 
CDextra. This is a multi session CD that holds audio data in the first 
session and a ISO9660 filesystem in the second session."

- P.

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