suspend-to-ram woes on a thinkpad x41

Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Mon Jan 30 02:45:30 UTC 2006

Michael Shulman wrote:
> Belay that, again.  Sometimes it doesn't work; but sometimes the key
> shortcut does.  It seems to me now that the determining factor is
> whether the laptop was connected to the X4 Ultrabase or not when it
> *booted* (not at the time of suspend).  A hibernation in between
> doesn't seem to make a difference either.  So I guess I have a
> pragmatic solution: just don't boot when connected to the ultrabase! 
> However, I've also noticed that it refuses to notice the CD drive in
> the ultrabase *unless* it was connected at boot time.  Perhaps the two
> are related?  Anyone have similar experiences with an ultrabase, or
> any ideas why this could be?
> On 1/29/06, Michael Shulman <shulman at> wrote:
>>On 1/29/06, Michael Shulman <shulman at> wrote:
>>>>Also if you're running gnome see if using gnome-power-manager works
>>>>instead of the keyboard shortcut. My Keyboard shortcut doesn't work but
>>>>the power manager does.
>>>gnome-power-manager doesn't seem to do anything at all.
>>Hmm, okay, well what I meant was, the gnome-power-manager applet
>>doesn't seem to do anything when I tell it to suspend.  But the
>>"Suspend" option on the Gnome "Log Out" button does work!!  Thanks a
>>million.  That makes me very happy, but is there any way to set up the
>>keyboard shortcut to instead invoke whatever gnome is doing that
This makes a bit of sense, hotplug or some other detection maybe acpi is 
  detecting the ultrabase at boot time, and disconnecting doesn't unload 
it from the system. Report this on in the section for 
your laptop and submit it as a bug to the tracker since something needs 
to be tweaked somewhere to unload the dock when you disconnect from it.


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