Cannot Surf Internet, but I can Ping

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Sun Jan 29 23:13:23 UTC 2006

Btw, I have a netgear router, I should have mentioned it.

With dhcpcd (I'm not sure with dhclient), you can specify that
you don't want your /etc/resolv.conf to be replaced with the
values your router hands out - it's really handy.
But it requires you to run dhcpcd instead of dhclient - or that
you read the dhclient man page a few times with apropriate x-ray
glasses, since I could't find what I was looking for in it.

Good luck :-)


On 13:52 Fri 27 Jan     , Derek Broughton wrote:
> monotux at wrote:
> > I have a similar problem with my new (I bought it in mid september)
> > router, so I think we can call this a feature... :)
> > I think I solved this by changing the DNS-address the DHCP-server hands
> > out in my router, and I haven't had any problems since then.
> No, we can't call it a feature.  If you use the absolutely stock
> configuration that Linksys provides, and supply your ISP's DNS names to the
> Linksys router, your computer _will_ get the right configuration.  The DNS
> address the DHCP server hands out should be just
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