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Richard Dennis Colbert Jr. richard at
Sat Jan 28 06:03:37 UTC 2006

Russ wrote:
> Hi All
> I just installed Ubuntu and it did not ask me for a root password. 
> What is it??
> Thanks
> Russ
Even tho Ubuntu is based on Debian, it uses BSD style root handling.
Basically, the root account is disabled by default and the user account
has the ability to operate as a sudo user. Meaning using the sudo
command you can run your stuff as root. To do this in a terminal just type:

sudo command_to_execute

You can also create links in X called Launchers that will run as root.
To do this go to an open area of your desktop, right click then left
click on Create Launcher. Then where it asks for command type:

gksudo command_to_run_here

Then fill out the rest of the information according to the command you
are running. The most common thing you will need to run as root is
Nautilus (the built in file manager). Follow the steps above to "Create
Launcher" and for the command type:

gksudo /usr/lib/nautilus computer:

This will open Nautilus as root and show you the "My Computer" style
listing of all available media (ie - floppy, hard drives, cd/dvd drives,
usb drives, flash drives, smart card readers, etc.) on the left under
Folders and on the right show the files in each directory.

If you find any of the "Applications" that you want to run as root, just
drag them from the "Applications" menu to the desktop. Then right click
on the desktop launcher for that application. Then left click on
Properties. Then click on the tab "Launcher". Then under command type in
gksudo and a space before what ever command is already there.


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