Cannot Surf Internet, but I can Ping

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Sat Jan 28 05:19:21 UTC 2006

Kevin Purcell wrote:
> Just installed Ubuntu and am having the following problem.
> I opened Firefox and could not surf.  I entered my router's address and it
> is connected to the Internet.  So I tried pinging it and it sees the router
> and my network storage device.  So the network works.  I then tried pining
> (in terminal) the address of my ISP listed in the status page of my Linksys
> Router (it is a WRT54G).  It pinged okay without any packet loss.  A little
> slower than in Windows, but at least it works. Don't know any other Internet
> numeral addresses, so don't know if I can ping anything other than my ISP.
> I tired pinging and and and all failed.
> Any idea how to fix this?
> Thanks
It sounds like you can access your isp but not the rest of the www. Call 
your isp and complain. Maybe they can help you.


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