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> Billy Pollifrone <billy at silverbaseball.com> wrote: On 1/27/06, j Mak <
> joz_mak at yahoo.ca> wrote:                              I am  new to this
> networking thing. After going through tons of tutorials, I managed to
> connect my two computers (Ubuntu and mepis) with a crossover cable and make
> them communicate with one other. Now, my problem is how to share files and
> printer between the boxes. I searched the Internet but found no descent
> tutorial on this. If anyone has any hints how to go about doing this or know
> some tutorial on file-sharing please let me know.
>        Thank you very much,
> J. Mak

Hi Billy!

For starters try: http://help.ubuntu.com/starterguide/C/index.html

Look specifically at chapter "7. Networking" and specifically "Samba
Server".  Be sure to read the part ahead of Samba Server, it is necessary
that both boxes know where and who each other is on the network.  Then both
need to be using Samba to share the files/folders (assuming two Linux

Please let me know how it goes.



You might also look at : http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/
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