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Sat Jan 28 00:23:00 UTC 2006

Billy Pollifrone <billy at silverbaseball.com> wrote: On 1/27/06, j Mak <joz_mak at yahoo.ca> wrote:                              I am  new to this networking thing. After going through tons of tutorials, I managed to connect my two computers (Ubuntu and mepis) with a crossover cable and make them communicate with one other. Now, my problem is how to share files and printer between the boxes. I searched the Internet but found no descent tutorial on this. If anyone has any hints how to go about doing this or know some tutorial on file-sharing please let me know.      
        Thank you very much,
J. Mak


SAMBA handles file and printer sharing, allowing Linux and Windows based hosts to access these shares. This tutorial should get you started at least.


                                        Following the tutorial, available on the ubuntu help page, I initialized my home folder in samba making it readable and writable. If I am right, now i am supposed to be able to enter into my home folder from the other computer. But i cannot figure how. On the other hand, if I am completely off, I don't know what's next. 
        J. Mak
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