Advice request for new system planning

David Teague(T-bird acct) davidbteague at
Fri Jan 27 19:49:12 UTC 2006

Hi folks

I want to build a system that to run Linux (probably Ubuntu or Kubuntu,
possibly some other Debian derivative) and Windows. I would like a
recommendation of:

Motherboard? What have you used with some success?

Processor do you like, preferably AMD. Which one? 32 or 64 bit? How fast?
           I will be doing sound processing, in real time, where it 
listens to me sing or
           play and  repeats with corrected pitch in real time.

How much RAM? 1GB? More? Less? (I think not.)
           Advice on tech specs for RAM will be appreciated

Sound card (it needs to give as close to professional quality sound as I 
can afford.)

Speakers? I need it flat from DC  to infrared. No, not really. but as 
flat as possible
              from 32 Hz  to 20,000 Hz (low C string on my bass to the 
highest frequency
              the human ear can hear, not that I can hear it at my age.) 
Flat at the low end
              is the hardest and the most expensive if I understand 

DVD/CD Linux compatible reader/burner Lite-On? Windows runs nearly 
anything here.

Flat Panel monitor Make? Price? Size compared to a equivalent CRT monitor?

What rodentia do you prefer? I think I will prefer my mice tethered,  as 
I tend
            to lose TV controllers,  I am certain I will misplace an 
infrared mouse.
            Does anyone use a trackball? What do you like? Hate?

I tend to be a pack rat, so I think gobs and gobs of disk space. Two 
fast 160 GB drives?

Is it true that it is easier for Linux and Windows to coexist if 
installed on different disks?

What have I missed?

Any advice at all, even on part of this will be appreciated.

Someone will ask what my budget is. I think $1000 to $1500 is the budget,
but I would prefer to keep this to the lower side of that range, subject to
good sound, and there it can run to $1500 if need be.

Apology to those who see this several times as I will post this on 
several lists.

Warm Regards


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