Still trying to get first boot

Keith Burton kb at
Fri Jan 27 19:00:25 UTC 2006

On Friday 27 January 2006 09:09, Kevin Purcell wrote:
> Well, I broke down and removed the card and then reinstalled ubuntu and did
> the reconfigure xserver thing with the correct monitor settings of my
> single monitor.  I am now able to boot and xserver starts using the vesa
> card and everything looks ok.  I have a feeling I am getting less than the
> full experience.  But thanks for the suggestions.  I now have new problems,
> but I will post under a new heading.
> Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I went through this on an identical system recently. The built-in ATI video 
driver doesn't handle PCI-Express cards, so you either have to use the slower 
"vesa" drivers, or download and install the official ATI binary drivers.

If you look here:
you'll see the X700 doesn't work "out of the box" with Breezy.

The HOWTO for installing the ATI-provided binary driver is here:

I don't know why setting the video driver to "vesa" didn't work for you with 
the X700, as that worked fine for me. But still, the goal's to get to the 
fully-accelerated ATI driver in any case.

Incidentally, I played around with that eMachines box some, and tried Dapper 
Flight 3 on it.  It worked considerably better than Breezy.  Of course, 
Dapper isn't usuable as an everyday system yet, but it'll be ready by April 
and I recommend you give it a try then.

Best of luck,

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