command line - configuring the network interface

Anders Karlsson trudheim at
Fri Jan 27 14:13:10 UTC 2006

On 1/27/06, Oscar Veloz <oveloz at> wrote:
> I have set up Ubuntu 5.10 but no GUI, and with ifconfig I have set the
> ip address and netmask, but I cannot figure out how to set my gateway.
> I was thinking I should edit the file called "interfaces", but It wont
> let me.  I have tried edit and gedit, and neither will work.

sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces

you can test a route with 'sudo route add default gw dev
eth0' if your gateway is and your network interface is
eth0 that is.
the stanza entry in interfaces is 'gateway' iirc.

Anders Karlsson <trudheim at>

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