Ubuntu as a server

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at easywebsite.se
Fri Jan 27 10:26:30 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 14:14 +0200, Duncan Anderson wrote:
> I should like to know whether it is problematic to use Ubuntu Linux as a 
> host/server.

No. It is no more problematic than using it as a desktop solution.

>  In other words, should there be any problem with installing 
> Ubuntu, enabling the root user login, and configuring the machine as a 
> mail or proxy server or as an SQL server or the like?

Again, no. However there are inherent issues in doing these things with
any operating system. Ubuntu is essentially debian and debian is the
fastest growing web server on the internet according to Netcraft so you
should see results in proportion to your abilities.

> It seems to me from reading this mailing list that most people use it as 
> a replacement for Windows. In other words they use it as a workstation 
> or home pc.

This list is geared towards desktop users and from my experience has a
higher proportion of new users than usual linux lists.

> Do any of the members of this list have any suggestions, advice, 
> warnings, caveats, or otherwise to offer me regarding Ubuntu's use as a 
> server?

Ubuntu is going to distribute and support a server version in their next
release. You may wish to wait for that product.

> I work with Mandrake, RedHat, SUSe, Debian and FreeBSD machines 
> configured as servers (or hosts, a term which I prefer in the context of 
> UNIX/Linux) as well a various flavours of UNIX. I am curious to find out 
> whether anyone sees Ubuntu as a serious rival to SUSe or RHEL or 
> Mandrake Enterprise or the like.

As a server it is worse than some better than others. If you have a lot
of experience with debian then you will find it nearly identical. You
have apt-get, you can use debian sources in your source file, dpkg,
debian config tools and files, but a more polished installer.

> My gut feeling is that there should be no problem with getting it to act 
> as a reliable back office machine.

Of course. 
> The reason I am asking about this is because "Universe" and "Multiverse" 
> software repositories are very impressive, and I like the Debian package 
> management format.

CAVEAT EMPTOR - The universe and multiverse repositories are unsupported
by Ubuntu and can break your machine. I would not put them on a
production server anyway since they are geared toward desktop use. i.e.
lots of codex for proprietary video, audio playback, software that
violates the US DCMA, questionable licenses, etc.


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