Need insight on designing a package manager

Captain Falafel cptfal at
Thu Jan 26 23:10:33 UTC 2006

On 1/23/06, John Richard Moser <nigelenki at> wrote:
> As a learning project, I'm designing my own package manager.  Naturally,
> I dislike wasting time; the package manager I'm designing will fill some
> gaps in current package management design, and is in reality aimed at
> being a "final" implementation of this many-reinvented wheel.  To this
> end, I need help; I've never made a functional package manager, and so I
> don't likely have ALL of the insight I'll need to do it right the first
> time.  So those of you who have studied, maintained, or created package
> managers, please help me?
> The working project name is "Project Coon Fox," and will be later
> discarded for a real name.  It is designed to replace dpkg/apt, rpm/yum,
> and autopackage in functionality

Dear Mr. Moser,

I enjoyed reading your email very much.  I don't know which is
funnier: the idea of you trying to write a package manager, or the
name "Project Coon Fox."

Thank you,
The Captain

"How do I become self-confident enough not to smell of fear?"  I can
answer in two words: fake it.
                             - Eric Steven Raymond

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