Java, Flash & Acrobat with Firefox.

Richard Dennis Colbert Jr richard at
Thu Jan 26 17:12:26 UTC 2006

> Funny you mention that it's a fresh install. I've got sick of it not 
> working so thought I'd try a fresh install myself. Of course once we, 
> as you put it 'open the floodgates' by enabling universe and 
> multiverse - we can't complain if things don't play nice together 
> anymore. At least that's my understanding.
> Glad you like Ubuntu - I think it's cool too. And I'm just starting to 
> unlock the full(er) power of OOo2.
> Duncan
The Universe is maintained by UBUNTU developers, more specifically a 
smaller group of ubuntu developers. The software on Universe is very 
stable and seldom causes problems. Or at least that is what the 
description says. Multiverse however, is a community maintained 
repository and the software is often beta, alpha or worse. It has not 
been tested very much and often contains FOR PAY COMMERCIAL software. I 
have already ran into several instances in the Multiverse where 
installing something tried to uninstall CRITICAL stuff (ie - Something 
tried to uninstall the Gnome Desktop and GTK 2 earlier) go figure!

So I would WARN ANYONE to be VERY CAREFUL with the MULTIVERSE, but the 
UNIVERSE should be a safe bet for almost everyone.

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