Still trying to get first boot

Steve Tripp progressivepenguin at
Thu Jan 26 15:40:14 UTC 2006

Have you tried taking the card out and booting up with the onboard
graphics?  At least that way you have a box running X and can
troubleshoot the issue at your leisure.

On 1/26/06, Kevin Purcell <kevin at> wrote:
> > It's possible the xserver is not detecting you monitor
> > properly. Insert its specifications manually. You don't
> > actually need to understand what the questions mean. Just
> > print off the the specifications sheet and answer the
> > questions from that.
> Where is this spec sheet?  And if it is in the reconfigure utility, how do I
> print it out if I cannot get it to boot up correctly?  Is it available
> somewhere online where I can get to it via windows?
> I did answer the questions about my monitor in the reconfigure utility, but
> that did not help.  I got close when I disabled dri and int10.  It booted up
> into x and then x crashed and kept trying to restart and crash.  It would
> say, "It has stopped x number of times in the last 2 minutes"
> > > Maybe I'm just not knowledgeable enough to do this.  But  everyone
> > > says this one is the easy one to learn.
> > >
> > It can be hard, depending on the specific problem. Some of
> > the questions there are slightly arcane ;).
> Are you saying some of my questions are arcane?  How can I be more specific.
> I would really like to get this to work, but nothing now.
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