Java, Flash & Acrobat with Firefox.

Richard Dennis Colbert Jr richard at
Thu Jan 26 15:10:19 UTC 2006

Brian Durant wrote:
> For all of those interested in how to get Java, Flash & Acrobat 
> working on your Ubuntu system with Firefox, here is a heads-up. There 
> is a two page article called "Apt-get Improve Ubuntu in the February 
> edition of I don't know if they have it online. 
> There is also an article plus DVD with Ubuntu live and install 
> versions in the February version of Linux Magazine 
> <>.
> Cheers,
> Brian
Well lets see, I am a total newbie to linux. I installed Ubuntu last 
night and this morning in about 20 minutes I was able to get both Java 
and Adobe PDF plugins working in Mozilla and Firefox. Furthermore, I did 
it with NO HELP and NO GOOGLING.

Im not trying to brag here, just making the point that while Ubuntu is 
Linux it is WAY EASIER TO USE than any other linux port I have ever 
tried. And trust me I tried and quickly gave up on a hell of a lot of 
them other ports.

My personal opinion is that Ubuntu is currently residing somewhere in 
between Other Linux/Unix OS's and WindowsXP as far as USER-FRIENDLY goes.

However, when it comes to shear customization and stability it has both 
of them BEAT HANDS DOWN. Then when you consider AVAILABLE SOFTWARE oh 
man, it has to be right up there with WindowsXP. There are 10's of 
Thousands of Pre-Compiled, Packaged programs for Ubuntu. I was fracking 
astonished. Everything I have looked for I have found using the 
Synaptic's Package Manager. I enabled the Universe and Multiverse 
repositories and the flood gates of software open wide.

Oh and OpenOffice.Org2 is a life saver. Opens all my Microsoft Office 
documents flawlessly. It even lets me convert them to PDF in about 5 
seconds where as WindowsXP using Adobe Distiller 7 took 5 minutes.

Thanks to Ubuntu I can now say I love OPEN SOURCE, just wish I could 
program some more cool shit for the community.

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