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Chanchao custom at
Thu Jan 26 10:20:17 UTC 2006

Hello Michael,

Thursday, January 26, 2006, 3:19:53 PM, you wrote:

>> (And as for doing stuff in text command terminals & 'sudo' and other
>> commands.. Regular users honestly don't want to go there. I know I
>> don't.)

MTR> Sadly, this is a UNIX.  You can't escape the CLI.

Well, people said the same about DOS.. Then Widnows 3.1 where you
STILL could not escape the CLI.  Then Windows 95 and suddenly there
was no real need anymore to go there by non-tech non-administrator
people.   And Apple managed the same on top of FreeBSD, one of the
meanest CLI-centric beasts out there. :)

MTR> I doubt you ever will
MTR> be able to escape the CLI because the people who make the system think
MTR> CLIs are the best way to do... well, everything.

Hahahaha.. yeah, you could be right on that.. :)  OpenOffice is
complete overkill if you just have vi and LaTeX. :)


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