OK, what's the trick? (Ubuntu and Multimedia revisited.)

Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at telkom.co.za
Thu Jan 26 05:26:29 UTC 2006

Michael T. Richter wrote:

> But I don't get sound at all.  No sounds of any kind.

Michael, I don't think that two sound cards can easily work
side-by-side due to hardware resources. There are only so many IRQs
and DMA channels available. I for example never could get my existing
home WinXP system to work with two sound cards because of hardware
conflicts. (but then  I also have other h/w in that box)

Sure, the o/s detects the hardware. But the hardware itself cannot
function due to hardware conflicts.

I suggest first confirming that this is not the case before continuing
to look in Ubuntu for the problem.


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