trojan - removal problems

Brian Walker bfwalker at
Thu Jan 26 01:31:48 UTC 2006


On 25/01/06, Billy Verreynne (JW) <VerreyB at> wrote:
> Brian Walker wrote:
> <snipped>
> >lsattr shows nothing
> > mount shows no association to other processes.
> Brian, in future keep fuser in mind. Very useful to find out what
> process/processes have opened file handles for a specific file or list
> of files in a directory.
> E.g.
> # fuser /dev/.static/dev/*
root at ubuntu:/dev# fuser .static/dev/*
.static/dev/*: No such file or directory
root at ubuntu:/dev# cd .static/
root at ubuntu:/dev/.static# ls

I am sure there is an issue here. Comments?

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