Missing files

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Wed Jan 25 17:35:42 UTC 2006

While trying compilation source code recently, I had some error  
messages about missing some includes.  I checked and the files were  
not there.  I know that they should have been included in an  
installed package, but somehow they do not exist on my system.   
Reinstalling that package did not correct the situation.  Here are  
the specifics:

$ apt-file list libax25 |grep include
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/ax25io.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/axconfig.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/axlib.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/daemon.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/kernel_ax25.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/kernel_netrom.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/kernel_rose.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/mheard.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/nrconfig.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/procutils.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/rsconfig.h
libax25-dev: usr/include/netax25/ttyutils.h

$ dpkg -L libax25|grep include

My /usr/include/netax25 directory only includes ax25.h, which is  
installed by libc6-dev.  If the other files are not there, why  
doesn't reinstalling libax25 correct the problem?

This is on a breezy system (upgraded from hoary which was upgraded  
from a warty installation).  I have another computer which was a  
fresh breezy install and these files exist on that system.  Is there  
something broken with apt-get or dpkg which would cause files to not  
be installed?

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