VNC server port and VNC alternatives

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Jan 25 14:55:27 UTC 2006

Mike Kenny wrote:

> Maybe I am just biased towards !machine, but I found the installation of
> thsi product more straightforward (admittedly  a subjective viewpoint,
> influenced by previous experiences) and found the end result to behave
> more like a local X session than an emulation. I alaso believe that the
> performance is better, but this could be influenced by not comparing
> simialr spec environments. Can't really remember as I *install*stopped
> using VNC when I located !machine and have no intention of going back.
> I admit that my opinions are probably subjective and possibly biased, but
> it is an alternative to VNC, which was what the subject line asked for.

_your_ opinions are subjective, but backed up by a good bit of experimental
evidence from the !machine folks.  NX really is _much_ faster than VNC. 
Sometimes, though, I want to use my already logged in KDE session, shared
via VNC, and I haven't been able to make the NX client use this any more
efficiently than VNC, except by using an NX client configured for a
UNIX/KDE session, then running nxclient from a terminal in _that_ window to
connect to the VNC session.  clumsy.  Connecting with the NX VNC
session-type is even slower than VNC directly.

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