OK, what's the trick? (Ubuntu and Multimedia revisited.)

Michael T. Richter ttmrichter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 14:21:30 UTC 2006

OK, I've given up on trying to make Ubuntu work with *shock* TWO sound
cards in the same computer at the same time.  I took out the USB Sound
Blaster and took out the line from alsa-base that forced my Sony
internal sound card to be card #1.

Now I don't get sound at all.

All the utilities I have at my disposal seem to think I have a sound
system.  They detect the card.  Alsamixer lets me adjust levels to my
heart's content.  When I select my default sound card, there's only one
on the list.  Everything is working perfectly, according to Ubuntu.

But I don't get sound at all.  No sounds of any kind.  System sounds.
Music.  Games.  Audio from movies.  Nothing.

Just what does it take to make Ubuntu work with audio?  Which Magic
Incantation<tm> am I missing this time?

Here's the contents of my .asoundrc:
### BEGIN set-default-soundcard
# If the "### BEGIN..." and "### END..." comments are intact, then you
# can change your default soundcard with "set-default-soundcard(1)."
# Remove these comments if you want to maintain a custom configuration
# that should not be changed automatically.

# Default soundcard
defaults.pcm.card 0

### END set-default-soundcard

Here's the contents of /proc/asound/cards:
0 [A5451          ]: ALI5451 - ALI 5451
                     ALI 5451 at 0x8800, irq 11

So far everything looks fine to me.  I'm telling it my default sound
card is card 0.  Asound thinks that card 0 is an ALI5451 (which it is).

I can't attach the image I get from alsamixer, obviously, so you'll just
have to trust me that it shows exactly what you'd expect it to show: a
whole bunch of bar graphs for setting levels of various kinds.  I can
change them, turn them on and off -- anything.  Same with the GUI
version of that tool.

But I don't get sound at all.

What other Magic Incantations<tm> am I missing?

Looks like I was premature.  I get sounds.  Bash will beep over my
speakers if I accidentally hit Tab when there's a billion choices
available.  So *SOME* sound is happening.  Just not any of the useful
ones.  Like system events.  Or MP3s.  Or movies.  Or GAIM notifications.
Or...  Well, you get the idea.
Michael T. Richter
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