Hibernate broken after hoary->breezy upgrade

Upayavira uv at odoko.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 10:00:20 UTC 2006

I ran an upgrade from hoary to breezy, which mostly went well. The main
feature that worked before but not now is hibernation.

When I restart after hibernating, the system starts up, shows blue
characters over the screen, clears that, and then shows a strange
'screensaver like' pattern of light green lines over a black background,
with a single solid line across the screen.

X does not start up, but I can access the system via SSH.

(Ironically, I could get in through SSH via GPRS and my phone, but not
via the keyboard itself!)

Any ideas how I can go about debugging this/working out what might be
going wrong? I have already looked at all of the logfiles I can find, to
no avail.

Maybe there is a package I should completely remove/reinstall for power
management/etc. Any ideas which?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Upayavira

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