VNC server port and VNC alternatives

Michael Kintzer mkintzer at
Mon Jan 23 04:25:51 UTC 2006


I'm an ubuntu newbie transferring over from Fedora.   I'd like to 
install x11vnc on my ubuntu deployments, but when I try to configure the 
source I get this error:

configure: error:
A working X window system build environment is required to build x11vnc.
Make sure any required X development packages are installed.  If they are
installed in non-standard locations, one can use the --x-includes=DIR
and --x-libraries=DIR configure options or set the CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS
environment variables to indicate where the X window system header files
and libraries may be found.

Could you point me to where the X development packages are normally 
installed on a typical ubuntu deployment?

Many Thanks,

Michael Kintzer

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